3 Reasons You Need to Own a Mermaid Blanket

If you’ve not seen mermaid blankets you’ve either not got an Instagram account or have been living under a rock for the majority of 2017.

These fake flippers can’t actually make you swim better, but they will definitely bring your not-so-childhood dream of being Ariel come to life, making you the exquisite mythical sea princess that you’ve always known you are.

If you think living a mythical-aquatic life is what dreams are made of, then you’ve probably already bagged yourself at least one of these loungewear delights but, if not, here are three reasons why you need to own a mermaid blanket ASAP.

They’re comfortable

What’s less chic than feeling lousy in your standard trackie B’s and a tee? With mermaid blankets you can take your loungewear game up a notch; you’ll look like a fabulous half-human half-fish queen but at the height of comfort and style.

Mermaid blankets are fully functioning blankets which wrap around the lower part of your body like a sleeping bag, but they have a fishtail at the bottom which will keep your tootsies toasty as the weather gets colder.

From the comfort of your sofa, you can look like a mermaid and relax like a princess all at the same time, giving you the ultimate coziness and swagger even on rainy days, hangover days, and ice-cream-out-of-the-tub days.

They’re the hottest new trend

2017 has brought us some epic trends, from the revival of off the shoulder dresses to the sassiest slogan tees, but there is one strong contender for the hottest trend of them all: the mermaid blanket.

Regardless of your colour, material, or style preferences, you’ll find a mermaid blanket to match your tastes, holding testimony to their insane popularity this year. In fact, they’re so popular at the moment that Missy Empire has even dedicated a whole section to the fluffy flippers on their website, so it couldn’t be easier to get your hands on one of your own.

If keeping in line with the latest fashion is what you’re all about, you absolutely have to invest in one of these knitwear necessities to show off your eye for style.

They’re so Instagrammable

Transforming your boring old legs into magical, warm sea flippers is clearly the only sensible thing to do as summer draws to a close and autumn takes over and since you’re going to be looking so fly, why not take full advantage on Instagram?

With so many posts featuring the vast variety of colours, styles, and patterns of these nautical novelties, following Instagram’s hashtag #mermaidblanket will give you some serious inspiration for which type of mermaid blanket is best for you.

Your mermaid blanket will keep your followers up to date on how stylish you are so, for some serious kudos, get your flippers on one of these snuggly blankets.

For more on this year’s most popular fashion trends of this autumn, check out this post which details everything you need to know to keep your 2017 style on point.

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