4 Tips For Buying High Quality Used Fur

While having a fur clothing definitely makes one look more stylish and chic, unfortunately not many can afford to buy a brand new one. This is why used furs have always had a huge demand since it offered an opportunity for people to get high quality furs without having to splurge too much money. And if you are planning to buy a used fur for yourself, we list out the four things you should keep in mind when shopping for them.

Check The Texture

The first thing you should check is the texture of the fur itself. A new fur will have a soft, luscious feel to it. But one cannot expect such softness from an older, used fur. However, this does not mean that you should be okay with a coarse fur. That is a strict no-no. Only choose furs that still retains some kind of soft, plush feeling to it, and avoid those which feel rough and too coarse when you run your hands on them.

Inspect For Damage

In addition to the texture, you must also check for any damage to the fur. With age, the fur can develop baldness. Other damages can occur due to wear and tear or pests. While some of the damaged areas may be too vague or minor to notice, others can be so prominent that it cannot be ignored. As such, ensure that you thoroughly check the fur including the sleeves, zipper, hems, and neckline.

Smell It

Due to its long use, it is very likely that the fur now has a smell. This can be because of the mold, the pests, and various other factors.  If it is only a slight smell, then it might not be too much of an issue since you may be able to get rid of it by spritzing the fur with vinegar. However, if the fur emits a strong smell, then it is better for you to avoid considering it for purchase. It is also a good idea to have a friend with you while you shop for used furs since they might be able to detect any odors in case you are unable to.

Look At The Pelt

Check the pelt and ensure that it is in good condition. If the pelt is damaged too much, then it can later result in holes in the fur clothing. So, avoid a used fur if you find the pelt in a bad condition.

Be sure to keep the above things in mind when you are looking to buy a used fur. And if you need any servicing or restyling for it after the purchase, contact The Fur and Leather Centre, and they will ensure that the used fur you have purchased looks lush and stylish, almost like a new one.

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