A Look at This Holiday Season’s Hottest Trends

Holiday season is finally upon us, so it’s time to jump on some of the season’s hottest trends, wherever you’re heading to this summer.

We’ve taken a look at some of the trends which are going to be staples of your wardrobe for the 2017 summer season.


There’s always one type of shoe which stands out as a summer must-have, and this year, it’s the slider.

While they might not be the most visually appealing of poolside footwear, the real beauty of sliders comes in their practicality and comfort.

If you’re feeling particularly brave, you can try rocking them with a pair of socks, but for the majority of us, they’ll simply be paired with a pair of cropped jeans or a midi dress.

Off the Shoulder

Holidays are always the perfect opportunity to show a little bit of skin, but this trend isn’t to do with your legs or stomach, but actually your shoulder!

Off the shoulder tops and cut-out shoulder dresses are ideal to wear all day long from the beach to the bar, but just make sure that you’re well topped up with sun cream, unless you want the world’s weirdest tan line!

80s Style

The 80s are back with a bang this year, so be sure to embrace metallic, disco leggings and bright colours this year!

Ruffles and frills are also experiencing something of a comeback, on everything from skirts to jackets.

Whether you want to embrace a full on ruffle dress, or perhaps something a little more understated, frills can have the same statement impact as a good handbag or piece of jewellery.

For more information on how to wear ruffles this summer, check out this post from The Fashion Spot.


Graphic, statement stripes are everywhere this year. But it’s not just classic blue and white and black and white nautical stripes, but also more colourful designs too.

And instead of just opting for one striped piece in your outfit, why not carry it on through your whole outfit?


If there’s one colour which will dominate summer 2017, it’s pink. It can be a tricky colour to pull off, especially if you’re not a particular ‘girly’ girl.

But these days, pink is so much more, and while we love bright, unapologetic pinks, you can also always go for a more toned down, dusty tone if you wish.

From fuchsia to bright neon and the colour of the moment: millennial pink, pink is definitely the new black, whether you want to go head to do, or simply use it to accessorise.

Slogan Tees

Say it loud and proud this summer with a slogan tee! Designers are increasingly using their pieces to make a political stand, ranging from the tongue in cheek to the controversial (we particularly love the ‘slogan store’ over at Missy Empire!).

Whether you opt for something that’s a little bit of fun, or something a bit more politically charged, slogan wear is brash and bold, and we love it!

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