Choose the best toy according to the child’s age

All parents ask how to get it right when they have to buy a toy or when they give it to the children. We give you some clues to choose the best toy depending on the age of the child.

The best toys are not the most expensive ones, but those that provide more play time and adapt to the tastes, character and evolutionary moment of the child. And remember: they are necessary for the development of the child, but do not exempt parents from playing with their children. However, the EDC Tri Fidget toys are not like that.

The Seven Criteria of Good Buying

The first thing is to attend to the preferences of its future owners: the toy should be fun and entertaining. But when it comes to buying them, we should be aware that they fulfill these seven objectives:

  • They comply with current safety standards.
  • Do not be sexist.
  • They are adequate to the child’s age and its evolutionary moment.
  • Do not be too sophisticated.
  • To encourage communication.
  • May they be pleasing to the child’s senses.
  • Do not be warlike or violent.

Let’s also think about whether there are other younger siblings at home. Accidents occur because it is impossible to supervise children’s play at all times. With these basic rules, the following is to know what type of toys is most appropriate for each age.

0-6 months. Observe everything that happens around you

For our baby everything is new, so it will surprise us with his enormous curiosity. We will see you listen carefully to the sounds, to keep an eye on people and objects and, after three months, you will be able to pick things up, shake them and take them to your mouth. The toys will help you to differentiate colors, textures, sounds, movements … But let’s not forget that the main toy for a baby is his parents.

We can buy:

  • mobile cribs;
  • musical gadgets;
  • colorful rattles;
  • dolls made of rubber or cloth;
  • big rings for grabbing and biting;
  • little things;
  • cloth or plastic books;
  • multicolored blocks …

6-12 months. Not for a moment: it turns, crawls, crawls … Boosts vitality!

If he is lying face down, he rolls until he reaches his toys. You can move them from one hand to another and throw them a thousand times. He will soon be able to crawl, he may crawl, and soon enough he will be able to stand. As you already know, your gaming world expands. He loves to chatter and we respond to his babbling, he will point out what he wants, and alas if we do not give him!

Needs to:

  • soft dolls;
  • balls, clubs and hoops;
  • simple fittings;
  • musical toys, sonorous and with keys;
  • bathroom Games;
  • soft books;
  • blocks to put in and out;
  • trawlers

1 year. First steps towards independence

He begins to walk and take off from his mother and father, even if he becomes scared to death when he does not feel close to them. He knows how to ask and demand what he wants, with a word or with imperious gestures. His eagerness for exploration knows no bounds, and we cannot take our eyes off him for a single moment.


  • the joggers, swings, drags … and everything that moves;
  • toys that emit sounds (cause and effect);
  • toys that test physical laws: drag, knock, open, close …

2 years. You want to make your own decisions

The child already has his own opinions and desires, expresses his will and wishes to make decisions. Of course, sometimes he gets mad at the fact that he still has a lot of limitations. Our child is an earthquake: everything touches him, goes from here to there, carries and brings things, makes a lot of noise … He wants to learn at all hours and he will enjoy a lot by imitating the elders. Concentration appears in the game and is not only able to play roles, but also to think of the best way to raise a tower.

Needs to:

  • RC Toys
  • dolls and accessories;
  • farms with animals;
  • cars and trucks;
  • phones;
  • cars to carry things;
  • paintings;
  • books (as at any age);
  • Useful for playing with water and sand.

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