How to wear animal print with style

We can see prints of snakes, zebra, tiger … although the leopard is the most successful. The problem is that sometimes it is difficult to combine, because with these clothes we run the risk of loading the look.

One of the great advantages of animal print is that it is easily adaptable to any occasion and at any age; you just have to follow a few rules. For example, we must know that the total look is not prohibited, as is sometimes said, but we can create a perfect outfit with this star print.

Animal print tips

One option would be to wear a dress of this style, always combining it with shoes and a bag of neutral and smooth color (never with another print). Also, do not abuse jewelry, and reserve this kind of image for a suitable occasion, such as a night party or a not too formal event.

The animal print is already too flashy, so if what we are looking for is a wise guess we will have to combine it with neutral tones. The black is perfect for it, as well as the denim fabric. However we can also risk with the red, the pink or the green, but always avoiding the exaggeration and choosing these tones only for informal occasions.

Something that often causes many doubts is how to incorporate the animal print to our office looks. The key is to choose this print for a small complement, such as a handbag or a handkerchief. Although we prefer it also we can use a t-shirt of this class and combine it with more formal pieces, like a blazer, classic heels or ballet dancers.

One of the most striking garments we can find is an animal print jacket. In this case it is necessary to combine it with more sober ones, like jeans or a pencil skirt. What we are looking for is to achieve a balance between the bold and the classic. Something similar happens with the trousers, leggings and skirts of this print, which we must match with a more discreet upper.

Something very important to keep in mind is the size of the spots, in case we are going to use a leopard print. If they are too large they will visually enlarge the area, adding volume to our body. If on the contrary, they are very small, we will create the opposite effect, besides a more elegant aspect. Finally, the role that accessories play is essential, especially if we do not want to create such a risky look. A handkerchief, a belt, a shoe or a bag would be perfect, as long as we do not include other print at the same time.

What other tricks would you add to make the animal look stylish?

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