How You Can Give Customers Luscious Lashes

If you are a beauty professional, you may have noticed how many customers want to have long and luscious eyelashes. To respond to consumer demand, you should add a new skill to your repertoire by learning how to give your customers lash extensions.

Customers have always searched for ways to get long and luscious lashes, especially when their natural ones are too fair or short to be visible. Women have used mascara, curlers and false lashes as temporary solutions to make their eyelashes look thicker and longer. Some women have turned to growth serums or natural remedies in an effort to lengthen eyelashes —these serums and mixtures often have questionable results. The best way that you can assure long-term results for your hopeful customers is by offering them lash extensions as one of your beauty services.

You should undergo training courses to learn how to apply perfect lashes —this is an important skill for any beauty industry professional, whether you are a salon worker, spa technician or makeup artist. The intensive training courses will go over the theory of the technique and hands-on demonstrations to help you receive the proper experience and certification. The course for this specific application can be done through Lashforever Canada using their Lashforever Canada Classic Lash Collection—the collection involves medical Grade A adhesive and lash extensions that are custom blends of silk and mink. If you are an owner, having your entire team take the course would be a clever way to improve your salon business — especially if you want to have more than one customer getextensions at the same time.

Training courses will be sure to go over application techniques and precautions like instrument knowledge, safety and sanitation. The program will also touch on how to interact with clients before, during and after the application so that they receive strong customer service. A beauty professional should offer a consultation before starting with a new client because they could be clueless about the entire process. The average client might not be aware of certain aspects before they get eyelash extensions, like the fact that there are different styles available or that the lashes should stay dry for a full day after the application. More importantly, the client should know that they can’t think of their extensions like false eyelashes and try to remove them on their own. You need to help your client fully understand the beauty procedure so that they can feel informed and so they don’t ruin their new lashes.

Help your customers get the stunning and voluminous lashes they have always dreamed of by offering lash extensions through your business. As a beauty professional, you can sign up for an intensive training course and be certified and ready to perform lash extensions straightaway. Learning how to do an expert application will help you gain a new skill, add a trendy service to your business and make your customers

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