Look Hot And Stay Warm The Latest Urban Fashion

As the days cool down, autumn fashion is, without a doubt, heating up. The latest styles of the fall have arrived and if you’re looking for exclusive outfits and accessories to keep you looking, and feeling, hot, online retailers are fully stocked with trending items, especially urban clothing. According to experts in the industry, fall and winter ’17 will be the season of refined track suits, 90s nostalgia, and the resurrection of the denim jacket. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular urban fashions online, and some of the incendiary designers bringing them to digital racks this season.

The latest styles of the fall throughout of the high-fashion scene are all channeling a nostalgic impulse, each looking to the 90s as the main focus this season, with grunge-era classics being redefined by contemporary designers in their own unique ways; Jordan Craig clothing, such as the Double Collar Camel Jacket is exemplary in this regard, insofar as it is crafted with a loving eye toward the Camel coats and fur lined jackets of the late 90s. With dual slanted pockets at the waist, and an additional on the left arm, along with double fur lined collars, this jacket is a blast from the past, updated with just the right touches of modern flourish.

Urban g stores ought to take note of denim jackets, another relic of a bygone era seeing a comeback this fall; indeed, the perceptive designers at Jordan Craig have once again successfully tapped into this retrospective inclination with the Denim Shearling Jacket, which comes in both Destroyed Blue and Destroyed Midnight Blue color options. However, a denim jacket alone, does not make the outfit itself. The key here is what lies underneath, and many fashion gurus agree that having the right complimentary piece can make or break the denim jacket. Luckily, a plain t-shirt often works well during the occasional warmer days of fall, offering a relaxed look. Or if you’re looking for something more modern to go with your look, a jumper and hoodie combo should also effectively distinguish the stylish from the style-less. Dual Stripe offer an exceptional line of urban inspired track pants and the designers at Rise have developed an entire line of hoodies to fit your personal sense of style.

Last but certainly not least, to look your best for fall and winter 2017, accessorizing is absolute necessary; as a classic staple of urban style, the bold-faced watch, shows no signs of disappearing in the midst of modern trends. Whether you’re looking for a metallic, formal watch to tie in your denim and slacks, or a more modern piece to accompany your track suit, there are many options to choose from, all of which can be found online.

By following these simple fashion tips, and employing the help of the designers and companies that have revolutionized late-year fashion in 2017, you can keep yourself looking and feeling hot, on even the coldest nights of the season.

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