Modern and healthy footwear  

The mere fact of choosing the right shoes for our needs will allow us to look beautiful and healthy feet, wrapped by the latest trends in footwear most sound of the moment. Only attention must be paid to our foot health and everything will go on wheels.

Fashionable and healthy footwear for your feet

Protection, support, comfort, endurance and style are some of the many reasons why footwear has been designed from the earliest times. The feet are those that bear all the pressures of our daily life and, therefore, are susceptible to more damages than any other part of the body. As podiatrists confirm, when a child starts walking, shoes are not necessary. The mere fact of allowing the child to go barefoot around the house will help the foot to grow healthy, develop its muscles, its strength and, ultimately, the ability to grasp with the fingers.

As the child becomes more active it is necessary to bet on a type of footwear with a built-in buttress, which is firm on both sides of the heel, with a suitably padded sole and that is flexible enough for it to bend the foot.

The most suitable footwear for your feet

The shoes, for both men and women, must be comprehensive and provide good support and stability to the entire foot, holding perfectly heels to prevent damage. Quality footwear like the ones we can find in 24Hrs, not only help us to highlight the beauty of our feet, but at the same time can contribute to their care. For men and women, you can find in your digital showcase a wide variety of models designed for the seasons spring/summer or autumn/winter. Moccasins, sandals, boots, booties, insoles or clogs are some of the options you have at your disposal.

All this is not to mention its lightness, so that it can offer you the freedom of movement that your feet need. More specifically, the sole must cushion the impact of the heels with the ground when walking. It is advisable that at any time you choose a type of footwear with a little wedge or rubber of about 3-4 cm.

Remember that a shoe too flat or with a lot of heels can be harmful to our back. When you choose to choose the most appropriate footwear model, it is advisable to look at the shape of your foot. The feet can be Greek, when the second finger predominates above the rest; The Polynesian in which all the fingers are at the same height or the Egyptian, in which case the big toe is pronounced.

Likewise, we must look at the shape of the instep or the curvature of the sole of the foot. Thus, for example, while the pronator feet step inward, the supinators do it outwards.

The measurement in the shoes is another important factor that is not to be overlooked, since the numbers vary from one manufacturer to another, depending on which to which we make reference. Therefore it is necessary that you try them and confirm that the majority of the plant of your foot is in contact with the interior of the shoe and does not happen the opposite.

The most suitable footwear for your feet

As for the material, the most appropriate shoes are breathable and resistant, although we can find them in faux fur or even prevent the entry of water.

As we told you in previous lines, in spaces like 24 Hrs are aware of the importance of good footwear for our feet, for that reason bet for the highest quality. You can select the models you like most, whether by type (Mercedes, clogs, boots, and booties, casual), technology (air ring, tri system, duo or travel) or sizes (from 35 to 46).

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