Things you should stop doing if you want a perfect bikini body


You are exercising regularly, already changed your diet, take a good care of your face and body, but still – you are not looking like that bikini model with millions of followers on Instagram?

It’s very probable that you are making some of the most common mistakes that simply don’t go along with the perfect bikini pair.

Most common mistakes of girls striving to become a bikini beauty

  • Watching the TV

Chances are you eat more while you are watching TV. Scientists have proven that women that eat while their TV is on intake about 40% more calories. Instead, the bikini models you are watching on the covers of the magazines tend to listen to the radio while eating their breakfast or dinner.

  • Avoiding probiotics

Even if you are against the use of any kind of supplements that can help you boost your metabolism and help you lose weight faster, still, avoiding probiotics is an absolute mistake. Scientists show that women who take probiotics over the course of two months lose 4 pounds more than those who don’t take these healthy bacteria.

  • Using cheap perfumes

Even if this sounds funny or non-sense, wearing a good perfume will boost your self-confidence and what’s more important: will reduce your appetite. Any smells that surround you are very important in your food choices, set aside your mood for working out and feeling good about it.

  • Sleeping late

Even though sleep is excellent for your health and wellbeing, sleeping late in the mornings is an absolute no-no when it comes to reaching and maintaining the body of a bikini star. Waking up when the sun is still smooth and pleasant can contribute a lot to your overall wellbeing, put a shine on your skin and give you a positive energy for the remaining of your day. Taking a short walk during sunrise can also help you burn some calories.

  • Hanging out with plus size friends

As much as this sounds cruel, socializing for skinny people can actually help you lose weight. But scientists say that when we spend too much time with plus-sized people, we begin to think that’s right. What will motivate you, especially in a time when you struggle with your weight loss is spending more time in a gym or swimming pool, surrounded by handsome people.

  • Acting impulsively in the restaurant

Scientists have found that people in the restaurant or a canteen most often take the food they first see. If you think like a bikini star – you will definitely choose the vegetables and the fruits that can be equally tasty as the big pizza with lots of high-calorie sauces on top. This will save you about 300-400 calories per each restaurant visit.

  • Smoking

Even though it’s widely known that smoking lessens your appetite – it does more harm to your body figure than you thought. Aside from worsening the look of your skin, smoking also contributes to fat gain in the stomach area – something you definitely want to get rid of before the bikini season starts.

Stopping these mistakes and starting to think like a true bikini beauty is a great way of actually becoming one.


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